Deputy Director (Engineering), Senior Electrical Engineer, Claim Consultant / Procurement Specialist, Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Project Officer, Project Monitoring Officer, Financial Officer, Technical Officer 2021 – Urban Development Authority

Urban Development Authority Vacancies

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Consultant Engineer, Financial Analyst, Procurement Specialist, Deputy Project Director, Construction Manager, Project Engineer, Assistant Project Engineer, Environmental Officer, Senior Engineer, Finance Management Specialist, Assistant Resident Engineer, Material Technician, Technical Officer , Senior Engineer cum Procurement Specialist, Engineer cum Compliance Officer 2021 – State Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government Affairs

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Deputy Project Director, Climate Smart Agriculture Specialist, Institutional & Capacity Development Specialist, Agri-Business and Market Linkage Specialist, Procurement Specialist, Senior Engineer, Procurement Officer, Project Secretary – Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture Vacancies Climate Smart Irrigated Agriculture Project (CSIAP) Ministry of Agriculture Deputy Project Director Climate Smart Agriculture Specialist Institutional & Capacity Development Specialist Agri-Business and Market Linkage Specialist Procurement Specialist Senior Engineer Procurement […]

Project Secretary, Procurement Officer, Senior Engineer, Procurement Specialist, Agri-Business and Market Linkages Specialist, Institutional and Capacity Development Specialist, Climate Smart Agriculture Specialist, Deputy Project Director – Climate Smart Irrigated Agriculture Project

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Driver, Technical Officer, Project Officer, Procurement Officer, Senior Medical Coordinator, Procurement Specialist, Senior Social Safeguard Officer, Senior Environmental Officer, Project Secretary, Finance Manager, Deputy Project Director, Project Director – COVID 19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project

Ministry of Health Vacancies

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Procurement Specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Project Consultant – Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program

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Project Director, Project Engineer, Environmental Specialist, Development and Training Specialist, Project Monitoring Specialist, Procurement Specialist, Financial Specialist, ICT Officer, Project Secretary, Management Assistant, Driver, Office Assistant – Technological Education Development Project – Ministry of Education 2019

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